DraftBuff’s guide to the August Major + Upcoming Features!

After an exciting Stage 1, Rainbow Six rolls with the punches as we look towards the upcoming North American + European mini-Majors. With many of your favorite teams set to appear, we thought it would be a good opportunity to get you up-to-speed to what’s new and who’s hot for both the North American and European August Major. Additionally, we’ll dive into the scoring patch we’re implementing for the Major and some of the new changes coming to the Rainbow Six fantasy in Stage 2.

August Major – Debrief

The United States Division and the European League have both contributed a number of some of the most impressive matchups we’ve seen this season, from teams of the higher caliber. Four teams from each region have moved on to the Major playoffs, where only one in each region will be crowned champions. 

In Europe, your participants are;

  • G2 Esports – Pengu, Kantoraketti, UUNO, Virtue, CTZN
  • Virtus.pro – Shockwave, wTg, Rask, p4sh4, Amision
  • Rogue – korey, LeonGids, karzheka, AceeZ, ripz
  • BDS Esport – Shaiiko, RaFaLe, BriD, Renshiro, Elemzje

In North America, your participants are;

  • Oxygen Esports – FoxA, VertcL, LaXInG, Slashug, b1ologic
  • Spacestation Gaming – Bosco, Canadian, Rampy, Fultz, ThinkingNade
  • Team SoloMid – Achieved, Merc, Beaulo, Geoometrics, Chala
  • DarkZero Esports – Hotancold, Hyper, Skys, Mint, Ecl9pse

For this special occasion, we’ve made the August Major an only-Draft Royale event to accommodate this short format. So you’ll need to draft one team that you think can score high across the major!

Candor’s Tips – Strategy

For this fantasy, you’ve got two strategies to consider before you draft. Both can profit equally, however, both have very understandable drawbacks. Scoring will take into consideration the average that the player scores across all matchups in the bracket. Either one or another, or even potentially a hybrid, might work- but in the end, your roster lies at the power of your fingertips. The roster possibilities are endless!

  • Strategy 1 – ‘Impact Frags Only’

This strategy is to draft a roster that you think will have exorbitantly high scores, and rely on those key players to carry solely on high performance. However, this presents risks with those key players in question either not showing up, or having one super-impressive game averaged with an impactless game.

  • Strategy 2 – ‘A Balanced Diet’

Drafting players that have balanced on the fence between above-average play will soundly provide you with a roster that you can roughly expect how they might score. However, placing expectations in players that might not pop off could leave you in leaderboard limbo.

Candor’s Tips – Hot Ones

While there’s been a number of standout players across the stage, I’ll be looking at one exceptional player and one team I think you should be keeping your eyes on for both regions. 

  • Europe’s Exceptional – BriD
    Loïc ‘BriD’ Chongthep has long been a mainstay in the French scene. With close roots in the 2018 Supremacy/Vitality lineup that took 5-8th place at both that year’s Major and Invitational, BriD’s potential for individual performance was often publicly underestimated. His departure from Team Vitality to BDS Esport signaled a storm was to come, and a storm for sure happened. BriD took the top of the leaderboard, ousting frag and flex players alike to be the number-one-rated European player. 
  • Europe’s Eyes On – Virtus.pro
    The team of Virtus Pro may not have finished the highest in the European standings, don’t let their Stage 1 performance fool you- VP bounced back in the second half of Pro League Season 11 with a string of wins against high-profile European teams. Not to mention being the European Open Clash champions, just before the start of Stage 1.
  • North America’s Exceptional – Hyper
    Paul ‘Hyper’ Kontopanagiotis has respectfully earned the title of Greek God after back-to-back seasons within the top of North America since his move to DarkZero. Hyper is a player not to be slept on, with high statistics in his favor and almost always a high-scoring game. 
  • North America’s Eyes On – Team SoloMid
    Team SoloMid have had an interesting season, grazing by in second place while adjusting to a monumental change in their in-game leadership with the transition of Pojoman to a Coach role. TSM have the potential to push through and make the finals, with players such as Chala, Beaulo, and Achieved pulling big points for drafters along the way.

August Major – New Changes

On launch, we’ve maintained an iterative relationship with the port of Project Prisma into the DraftBuff platform. We’re diligently working behind-the-scenes to put together future changes based on the feedback you gave from this previous Stage. We’ll be discussing these key changes coming to the Rainbow Six fantasy scoring, on top of some of the changes + features that will arrive in the near future. 

August Major Scoring Changes

One of the key pain points we’ve seen a lot of people shine a light on was concerns with the distribution of our scoring system. We thank everyone for bringing this to light, as we’ve looked into the system. Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve changed that’ll be shipping out with the August Major fantasy.

  • Headshot Percentile;
    We looked into the weighing of an average player score across the season and noticed that on average, HS% accounted for nearly 20% of a player’s score. Taking this into consideration, we dropped the default HS% value from 1 to 0.25.
  • Objectives;
    In order to give a little more leeway and love towards support players, we’ve raised the Plants value from 2 to 5, and Disables from 3 to 4.
  • Clutches;
    Clutch moments are few and far between in Rainbow Six, and when they happen- are they ever-so-sweet. To sweeten the factor, the default clutch value has been raised from 5 to 10.
  • KOST;
    In order to balance out KOST for counting for over 50% of players’ scores, we’ve changed the default KOST value from 2 to 1.5.

Stage 2 & Beyond – Horizons

New Feature – Seasonal Draft Royales

Say goodbye to having to join a new Draft Royale every week! In Stage 2, we’ll be launching the League-style Draft Royale to relieve the effort of having to join one every week. These will close once the league begins, and won’t reopen after that.

Finally, we’ve been looking into supporting more regional experiences across the Rainbow Six Esports global circuit, and we have our eyes on providing APAC North & Brasileirão leagues for 2021!