DraftBuff’s Community LCS/LEC Week 5 Power Rankings

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Welcome back to DraftBuff’S Community LCS/LEC Power Rankings! Cloud9 still dominates North America, although their biggest rivals – Team Liquid and TSM – look to at least offer a fight for the title. With C9 facing TSM this Saturday, we are set for one of the most exciting matches in the LCS so far this year. Meanwhile over the other side of the Atlantic, the LEC reaches its off-week in true European fashion: 5 ties tied for 5th, only 3 games separate 1st to 9th. No one can really predict what will have over there, but we can assume the upcoming MAD Lions and Rogue will try to hold to their top spots, and secure a better position for the playoffs.

Well, with no further ado, here is the Power Rankings our amazing community voted for throughout this week! Remember: we will be posting a poll weekly (every Monday!) for you to vote, so if you missed this one, make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server to participate in the next one, as we will only be sharing there! And a final note, the number after the team’s name is the average position our community placed each of the teams and between parenthesis, the difference from last week’s rankings: positive numbers mean a better result, while negative numbers mean our community voted the team lower.

  1. Cloud9 – 1.8 (+0.4)
  2. MAD Lions – 2.2 (+0.3)
  3. Rogue – 3.5 (+1.8)
  4. G2 Esports – 4.5 (-1.4)
  5. TSM – 5.0 (+4.4)
  6. Fnatic – 7.3 (-0.8)
  7. Misfits – 8.8 (+2.6)
  8. Origen – 9.0 (-2.8) (tiebreak decided by the DraftBuff staff!)
  9. FlyQuest – 9.0 (-1.3)
  10. Team Liquid – 9.3 (-0.9)
  11. Evil Geniuses – 10.8 (-0.7)
  12. SK Gaming – 12.2 (-2.0)
  13. CLG – 12.8 (+1.0)
  14. Vitality – 13.7 (-0.2)
  15. Excel – 14.3 (-0.8)
  16. Golden Guardians – 15.2 (-0.3)
  17. 100 Thieves – 16.7 (+0.2) (tiebreak decided by the DraftBuff staff!)
  18. Immortals – 16.7 (+1.8)
  19. Schalke 04 – 18.3 (-0.9)
  20. Dignitas – 19.0 (-0.1)

And Cloud9 retains first place, but MAD still is at arm’s reach…we might feel that C9 needs to go 2-0 in order to retain first. Meanwhile TSM with a huge jump to 5th – is it justified? Or maybe our community is a bit too hyped right now? Yet again, the match against Cloud9 Saturday will surely answer a lot of questions! Closing the list yet again we have…Dignitas. Oh well.

What do you think? Are these rankings realistic? Want to discuss more with our community! Then make sure to join the fun and see you all next week!