DraftBuff’s Community LCS/LEC Week 4 Power Rankings

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Welcome back to DraftBuff’S Community LCS/LEC Power Rankings! Week 3 was business as usual in North America: Cloud9 is by far the most dominant team in the LCS, and has real chances to be the second team to complete a perfect Regular Season run – following Fnatic in the 2015 Summer Split, of course. In the LEC however, MAD Lions are stealing the show this split. The young roster, with a fearless and aggressive playstyle is captivating the hearts of European and international fans alike, and is becoming a candidate to challenge the G2-Fnatic hegemony in Europe, and become only the fourth team to raise the LEC trophy.

Well, with no further ado, here is the Power Rankings our amazing community voted for throughout this week! Remember: we will be posting a poll weekly (every Monday!) for you to vote, so if you missed this one, make sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server to participate in the next one, as we will only be sharing there! And a final note, the number after the team’s name is the average position our community placed each of the teams and between parenthesis, the difference from last week’s rankings: positive numbers mean a better result, while negative numbers mean our community voted the team lower.

  1. Cloud9 – 2.2 (+0.1)
  2. MAD Lions – 2.3 (+1.7 – biggest improvement of the week)
  3. G2 Esports – 3.1 (-1.3)
  4. Rogue – 5.3 (+0.2)
  5. Origen – 6.2 (-1.2)
  6. Fnatic – 6.5 (-2.1 – biggest drop of the week)
  7. FlyQuest – 7.9 (+0.4)
  8. Team Liquid – 8.2 (+0.5)
  9. TSM – 9.4 (+1.2)
  10. Evil Geniuses – 10.1 (-1.8)
  11. SK Gaming – 10.2 (-0.1)
  12. Misfits – 11.4 (+0.4)
  13. Vitality – 13.5 (-0.7)
  14. Excel – 13.5 (+0.8) (tiebreak decided by the DraftBuff staff!)
  15. CLG – 13.8 (+1.6)
  16. Golden Guardians – 14.9 (+0.1)
  17. 100 Thieves – 16.9 (+0.3)
  18. Schalke 04 – 17.2 (-0.5)
  19. Immortals – 18.5 (+1.2)
  20. Dignitas – 18.9 (-0.4)

And Cloud9 is at the top! Definitely justifiable with their record, but is that because the LCS is simply too weak? Definitely something we can assume, considering immediately after the NA powerhouse we have FIVE LEC teams. Therefore, maybe the question to be asked here can be: how would C9 fare if they were playing in the LEC instead? . On the other end of the spectrum, Dignitas and Immortals once again closing the pack. The least words we write about these two teams, the better.

What do you think? Are these rankings realistic? Want to discuss more with our community! Then make sure to join the fun and see you all next week!