DraftBuff’s Top 10 Plays of the Year

After witnessing an action packed year of the COD World League in 2019, the team decided to get together and look back on all the amazing feats of skill made by the players, to form a single top ten list. Narrowing it down to just ten was a tough task, but after factoring in the difficulty required to pull off the play as well as the context, we believe that these were the best plays throughout the entirety of Black Ops 4.

10. Slacked slams the entire opposition

We saw a lot of blunders in the Grav Slam department by Josiah “Slacked” Berry for the first half of the season. Many fans were adamant that he outstayed his welcome as the Ruin player for his team, but Slacked proved them all wrong in a Pro League match against Team Envy. Down 2-0 in a Control match, Envy captured A and were looking to push through to the B point together. While waiting for Huke to find an opening with his lightning strike, a perfectly timed stun put their plans in jeopardy, and Slacked pounced on the opportunity by activating his Grav Slam, wiping out the entire Envy team.

9. Wartex makes his mark at the Playoffs

In the wake of a disappointing run at CWL Anaheim, Heretics took a big gamble by recruiting Wartex, an inexperienced SMG making his first appearance in the top flight. LG were up 5-3 in game five and Heretics were hanging on for dear life, needing Wartex to clutch a 1v2 against Skyz and IW champion Formal. After the Italian planted the bomb, LG approached the site from P4 and Skyz managed to cross to the bomb to start defusing, while Formal looked over him. With the deck stacked against him, Wartex absolutely dismantled Formal in a gunfight he had no business winning, and then proceeded to kill Skyz with just under 40HP, preventing the bomb defusal.

8. Simp needs nothing but a Pistol

In the Winner’s Final of the CWL Playoffs in Miami, eUnited had to play a red hot Faze Clan, who had recently swept the tournament favourites 100 Thieves. While the first map went down to the wire, Simp stepped up massively in the Arsenal Search and Destroy to help eU take map two. eU started round one shaky, as Faze punished two players within the first 30 seconds of the round. Clayster and Arcitys managed to fire back with two of their own but were eventually traded out by Faze.

This left Simp in a 1v3 scenario where he was only left with a sniper and a secondary pistol. With his team falling around him and his back against the wall, Simp rose to the challenge and pushed the site with his Strife in hand. With the element of surprise on his side, Simp ripped Zooma’s head off the bomb site before turning and gunning Skrapz. All he had to do now was stay alive for 48 seconds, whilst making sure Zer0 couldn’t plant the bomb – which he succeeded in. Simp expertly used the statue in his favour by circling around it to confuse Zer0, before finally catching the Englishman frantically trying to plant the bomb, completing the 1 versus 3.

7. MajorManiak makes a major play against Optic Gaming

After being swept by 100 Thieves in the Winner’s Finals, Championship Sunday was off to a rough start for GenG. To make matters worse, they were pitted to face a hungry Optic Gaming side that had just knocked eUnited and Faze out of the event. Map one didn’t go their way either as Optic dominated the Frequency Hardpoint, but GenG managed to recover in the next game in a tremendous fashion.

From the git-go, both teams traded blows round for round in the SND. That was, until Round six. With GenG on defence, Optic ran right through them, eliminating four players at the expense of only one. MajorManiak was left in a tough scenario, but managed to shred Scump before scurrying away. He also managed to evade the remaining three Optic players, and rotated to the other side of the map, which allowed Optic to fully set up for a plant. However, MajorManiak snuck into enemy lines and took out Karma in connector as TJHaly attempted to get the bomb down. He managed to slither away unscathed, as the explosives were finally planted. This time, even though they were ready and waiting for him, Majormaniak took down TJ and then proceeded to catch Crimsix off guard, as he tried to reload his gun in the open. He then made his way to the bomb with a comfortable 20 seconds left, to complete the 1v4 clutch defuse.

6. Dylan goes big in Round 11

The individual highlight for Dylan’s superb season was his amazing round 11 1v2 against Gen.G in the losers bracket at Fort Worth, to progress to the next round and continue the Reciprocity run.

The bomb was planted and Dylancod had around 20 seconds to play perfect Call of Duty, with his team’s tournament life in his hands. Both he and Havok had spotted each other in “P3”, and Dylan made rather quick work of the unprepared SMG player – not taking a single point of damage in their engagement. Instead of frantically checking bomb for a potential defuse, Dylan had trusted his instincts and anticipated a challenge from the desperate MajorManiak. After engaging, both players were down very low margin of health and time was running out for GenG to defuse. The Irishman confidently pursued MajorManiak in the corridor and finished off his low-health adversary, putting his team through to the next round and cementing himself as one of the hottest prospects in the CWL.

5. Zed makes eUnited look silly

Crack-aiming. Shot punches. Turn ons. There wasn’t much lacking in this 1v4 by Zach “Zed” Denyer. Tied 3-3 in the S&D, eUnited looked sure to take the advantage in the game, where they had left Zed needing to pull off a miracle 1v4. 

With the bomb planted, the 21 year old made his way from top mid to “Ice Cream”, melting Arcitys who was ready and waiting for him. After checking for a potential sneak defuse, Zed’s instincts kicked in as he backed out of Ice Cream and crack-aimed the entrance. Fortunately for him, the rest of eUnited played right into his hands, as they pushed through Ice Cream one by one – as if there was a revolving door. Abezy was the first to fall as Zed made quick work of him with the shot punch combo. The 1v4 was rounded out by a snap onto an overzealous Prestinni, followed by a smart reposition to turn on Clayster who was seemingly unprepared for the battle.

4. Cellium gets all four at the PLQ

Faze Clan were up 5-2 in game 5 against Team Sween in the losers bracket, within touching distance of victory. With the life count at 4-2 in favour of ‘Sween’, Cellium and Priestah needed to do something special in order to bury the series. In the midst of Priestah planting the bomb at B, Cellium managed to catch two players off guard rotating from the A site, timing his slide perfectly to complete the double kill. Once the bomb was fully planted, Priestah hurried to his teammate anticipating the pressure, but before he could make an impact it was too late – Cellium already found the remaining players in Braiin and Weeman, using the ‘shot-punch’ combination in tandem with his silky movement. On paper it was a 2v4 clutch from Cellium and Priestah, but is the former who deserves the majority of the credit in executing this play.

3. Simp snipes three in a row at COD Champs

Being a play that just took place at COD Champs, this is probably the most memorable play of the year for most fans as we head into the 2020 season. Chris “Simp” Lehr of eUnited was having a remarkable rookie season in the build up to Champs, earning himself an MVP trophy at the Playoffs. The bar was set very high for Simp to top his 1v3 clutch in Miami, but after meeting Units on his personal playground Arsenal, the scene was set for something very special to happen.

Units found themselves in a real hornet’s nest for allowing Arsenal SND in the mapset, given how spectacular Simp performed on the map. The European team suffered five round losses in a row which saw Simp find 11 kills – more than two per round. Despite not having a standout play to show for, Simp saved his best for last. In the sixth round on defence, Simp took his sniper to the A site sensing the opposing pressure like he did all game. The frustrated Units team bombarded the A site in a last ditch effort to salvage something from the game. Nolson tried countering Simp with a sniper of his own but he fell. Rated tried to get his teammates trade but he too fell. Weeman tried next but then he fell. In a matter of seconds, half of Units were wiped out by the sniper of Simp, who looked like he didn’t break a sweat. There seems to be no end in sight for the awe-inspiring sniping ability from the 18 year old, and we cannot wait to see what is in store for the rookie of the year in the 2020 season.

2. Maux outplays 100 Thieves

After clashing in the Grand Finals of CWL Anaheim, GenG and 100 Thieves faced off again at Miami – this time in a losers bracket match for top four. Miami was full of twists and turns, and this clutch from Maux was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend. Given that 100T had their number in all 3 series at CWL Anaheim, GenG hit a personal best by pushing this series to a game five. Playing on one of their best S&D maps in Frequency, Maux and co. found themselves up 5-3 looking to send 100T packing. A fast plant at B by GenG forced 100 Thieves to complete a 5v5 retake to stay alive. As the clock dwindled down, 100T slowly but gradually found kills, leaving just Maux to prevent the defuse against Octane, Kenny and Enable. 

Time was running out, and Kenny anxiously hopped on the bomb without healing, putting more pressure on his teammates to protect him for 7.5 seconds. Maux made his way to elevator, and while he was spotted crossing the pillar by Octane, Maux actually pushed the other way, completely baffling the AR of the year and giving him a sight on Kenny. Enable was ready and waiting for him, but was unable to protect his weak teammate from completing the defuse. After killing Kenny, Maux fell milliseconds later but the damage was already done as there was no time left for a defuse.

1. Loony clutches the only 1v5 in Black Ops 4

Following the confirmation of CWL being 5v5, many discussed the potential of seeing a 1v5 clutch at a major tournament. However, with the ‘time-to-kill’ being noticeably longer than previous titles, this was more or less written off as something that will likely never see the light of day – that is until Daniel ‘Loony’ Loza had a try.

In the losers bracket of CWL Anaheim, Splyce were looking to shrug off a map one loss to Evil Geniuses by getting a convincing win in the Search and Destroy. Trailing 3-2 in the S&D, Splyce attempted a staggered push on offence which didn’t pay off, as all Splyce members fell but Jurd and Loony at B. Jurd eventually fell, but Loony made quick work of Attach and Apathy, leaving him on 4HP.  With one foot in the grave, the Mexican slid around the statue to find an unsuspecting Jkap in his vicinity, who was looking in the wrong direction. Full of adrenaline, he managed to connect with a bullet onto the two-time champion, followed up by a deadly punch to send him to the grave. 

Once fully healed, Loony spotted two players at the B cut and managed to eliminate one while escaping with his life. It was now 1v1 and the long standing veteran was up against newly acquired Phantomz, an AR attending his first event on a CWL team. It was an unfair matchup to say the least, and Loony devoured the rookie to complete the first and only 1v5 clutch of Black Ops 4, and get our vote for the best play of the season.