Fantasy Rainbow Six: Siege – What’s New in Stage 2?

Hello, Drafters!

It’s been a short break since the Major ended, as we crowned our champions in Europe & North America – Team BDS & DarkZero Esports, respectively. In our dormancy, we’ve been cooking up some hot new features and changes that’ll be coming your way in both today’s Stage 2 release and Tuesday’s Draft Royale release. We’ve made a lot of these changes based on your feedback, and we’ll be launching another survey at both the Stage 2 Halfway point, and at the end of the regional November Majors. From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank all the users and supporters of DraftBuff for molding this experience. So, let’s jump straight into it.

Player Select Changes

Coach Pick Addition

A feature from way back in the Project Prisma past, players can now select their favorite coach as part of their lineup! This is available in both Draft Royale & League modes, and the coach does not cost any extra to draft in salary. This is something we’ll be monitoring as a potential evolution of the Coach Pick in the future, but not for Stage 2.

So, how are coaches scored? – We’ve emulated the coach scoring from Prisma to be a display of holistic team actions where players are scored for individual play, coaches are scored for team play.

You’ll be awarded points for:

  • Completing Objectives (Plants – 15, Disables – 12)
  • Round Wins – 30
  • Round Losses – 15
  • Bonus for ‘Dominant’ (7-0, 7-1, 7-2) victories – 5

*Note: The above will be averaged by rounds.

As always, if you have any suggestions for us on how to improve this feature, head to our Discord!

An example of some of the coach picks available to the European League.

Default Coin Allocation (Salary leagues & Draft Royale)

We’ve noticed rosters begin to be a little bit easier to draft in the late tournament, so we’re reducing the budget you have to work with from 260 coins to 250. We’ll be monitoring this in the future to see if there needs to be any further changes made.

Draft Royale Changes

Half-Length Royales

A quality of life change that many of you have asked for, Draft Royales will no longer be a weekly rejoin. Instead, we’re running two ‘half’-length Draft Royales for both the U.S. Division and European League. This means your roster will have to hold out the whole of the half, instead of drafting a new one every week.

We’re looking to continually improve the experience of the Draft Royale and make it easier for you to join into large communities and play with some of your closest friends or content creators.

New Exhibition Mode – Combined Arms

You’ve drafted some of the best in Europe & North America,
but now we’re asking you to build the best team from both regions.

Combined Arms is an ambitious new mode for Draft Royale that will run a similar length as the other two ongoing leagues. For the first time in DraftBuff Rainbow Six, you’ll be tasked with building the best roster across the U.S. Division & European League.

Whether it’s a veteran’s only table or an underdog lineup, you’ll be able to experiment with ambitious dream lineups from the top two regions in Rainbow Six Esports. We appreciate any feedback on this mode, as always!

Build the best, from the best. Starting on the release of Draft Royales for Stage 2.

We can’t wait to see all of you hop on the app and following Stage 2 of the competition! There’s a ton of ambitious features to come, and this is only the start. From all of us at DraftBuff, this is Candor- signing off with your Stage 2 Changelog.