DraftBuff Presents: The Draft Lab!

One of our most requested features since we launched our app this year has been a website. When we first launched DraftBuff in 2019, we in fact were a website (in a very different fantasy form). With our pivot to season long fantasy leagues, we decided to go with a mobile first approach to start. With two full time developers, we basically couldn’t maintain two tech stacks and wanted to make sure we delivered as good of a mobile experience as possible first. Now that we have a third helping hand and feel somewhat good with our mobile fantasy experience, I’m excited to share that the DraftBuff website is now live and open to the public!

To start, we wanted to focus on stats, content, and making it easily accessible to everybody (i.e. not behind a login wall). A core component to fantasy is how are players and teams doing and we honestly didn’t think there was any platform that did a good job of solving that.


On our website now, you can view weekly scores to see how your teams did and then drill into the box scores to look at how your favorite players and teams stacked up. No more spreadsheets or reddit tables. All the data and stats you need right in a convenient web view.


In our app, we have a customizable news feed with social chat rooms for you to discuss breaking news. You’ll find a similar news feed without the social chat on our website so you can stay up to date with the latest news from your favorite news sources.


In this view, you can see roster breakdowns and then drill into more detailed stats views for each player. In fantasy, it’s not just how good your player is but also who are they playing against so it’s important to have as up to date roster as possible.

What’s Next?

We’ll be adding a standing section as well for you to see how your team is stacking up in the season. After that, we’ll start slowly porting over some of our fantasy functionality to the website.