Overwatch League Stat Updates

Hey all. Hope everyone is excited for the upcoming Overwatch League season! With localization and Hero Pools, it’s gearing up to be one of the most intriguing ones yet.

This year, the Overwatch League team announced Stats Lab. It’s a comprehensive way to look at a bunch of advanced Overwatch League data, and includes a lot of statistics that have never been available before. There is a slew of helpful visuals to slice, dice and analyze all OWL data to your hearts content. We’re excited that this has been made available, and believe it definitely will have some positive implications for fantasy in the future. In addition to the charts on the website, the Overwatch League team has also stated that they will release a weekly data drop of all stats from past week of games.

Unfortunately on the flip side, the Overwatch League Team is removing support for the Overwatch League API that was available for past years. This means that live updating of stats such as Damage and Healing isn’t currently possible. We’re exploring other options in order to provide you with the best experience possible, but for now we’re going to be relying on Stats Lab to access those statistics.

One of the most fun part about playing fantasy is being able to watch how your team performs as you watch the matches live. Seeing your points update in real time is the ideal goal for us at DraftBuff, and we understand it can be disappointing to not know how your team is doing. As it stands however, stats will be updated for all fantasy teams on Tuesday every week when the Stats Lab data drop is scheduled to occur.

We’ll be evaluating feedback from this and will be continually be looking for an even better experience for our users. Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns/feedback.

Thanks and good luck for the upcoming year!