DraftBuff LEC Week 5

It is Week 5 and the standings couldn’t be closer for the top teams. Fnatic, G2, Misfits, and Origen are all tied for first, sitting at 7 wins and 3 losses. Right behind them are MAD Lions and Rogue with 6 wins and 4 losses. Just outside of the playoff picture is Excel Esports with 5 wins and 5 losses. That is the playoff picture. Seven top teams fighting for six spots makes every game count so much more for seeding. With the updated LEC playoff format, the battle for first means so much more than it ever has.

Best Performers LEC


File:FNC Rekkles 2020 Split 1.png

Rekkles showed us the first pentakill of the LEC spring split this weekend. In the first game, he went 10/0/7 against Rogue on Ezreal. This game was absolute domination by Fnatic. Rekkles was everywhere he needed to be in this game. He picked up a quadrakill and a pentakill in this game to secure the victory for Fnatic. In the second game, Rekkles went 9/2/6 versus Origen on Aphelios. Rekkles made sure to show us why Riot is nerfing Aphelios on 10.4. The damage he was putting out in team fights was immaculate. Throughout his entire career, Rekkles has showed us time and time again why he is the best ADC in the LEC consistently. After losing to G2 last summer finals, Fnatic are looking for the top spot once again and challenge the rest of the competition for the top spot. Fnatic’s showing against Rogue and Origen, two top teams, shows us that they are here to fight. Coming up next week, Fnatic face another team they’re tied for first with, Misfits. This is going to be a very exciting match with an action packed early game.


File:MAD Carzzy 2020 Split 1.png

Carzzy is the first rookie that I’ve put up for one of the best performers for a good reason. He has been such a consistent player day in and day out. He is my vote for rookie of the split. During this weekend, MAD Lions played Misfits and G2, two teams tied for first. Against Misfits, Carzzy went 1/1/4 on Miss Fortune. While this was a loss for MAD Lions, Carzzy played very well. Unfortunately, Humanoid had a pretty rough game getting camped. This caused Misfits to get too large a lead for MAD Lions to reach. Looking at the second game, against G2, Carzzy went 5/0/11 on Kalista. MAD Lions was able to secure the win this game against one of the number one teams. Kalista was not in the meta at the beginning of this split, but with the the utility she provides, she is seeing more playing time. With Carzzy’s performance on it, we can definitely see why it is so useful for teams. With MAD Lions nipping at the heels of first place, they can definitely be fighting for a top spot with these coming weeks.

Upsetting Performers LEC


File:XL Mickey 2020 Split 1.png

Mickey will go from having great games, to having some pretty bad games right afterward. In the first game, Mickey went 3/7/1 versus G2 on Vayne. With the last pick, Excel counter picked Ornn mid with a Vayne. Vayne mid has been picked in the past, but usually only by the top midlaners. In this game, he nearly got solo-killed by PERKZ, just to get finished off by Jankos’s Karthus. He also kept getting caught out overextended in a side lane. In the second game, he went 1/4/8 against Schalke on Ornn. After he got beat by Ornn mid, he decided to pick it up for himself. However, he didn’t have nearly the performance PERKZ did. Mickey teleported top at four minutes to get nothing out of it. He got solo-killed by Abbedagge not much after that. One good thing that Mickey did this game was be a tank. He had some good Ornn ultimates and soaked up damage for Patrik to carry Excel to victory. Mickey is going to have to step up if he and Excel want to make it to playoffs.


File:OG Upset 2020 Split 1.png

Upset is one of the best ADCs in the LEC, but this weekend, he looked like one of the bottom tier ADCs. He went 3/3/8 against SK Gaming on Miss Fortune. Against a bottom tier team, he should look amazing. However, he looked like he was also on a bottom tier. Fortunately, Alphari and Xerxe were able to carry to secure the win for Origen. In this game, SK got a total of 5 kills, 3 of them were on Upset. With no support from his team, Upset kept getting picked off. For an experienced player like him, he should have been able to play smarter. In the second game, he went 2/3/5 on Miss Fortune. Playing into Europe’s best bot lane, he did not rise to the occasion. He was able to secure a few kills with the help of teammates. However, just like in the previous game, he kept getting dove on with no support to help him. In the future I would like to see him on a mobile ADC, or at least get some help from his team. Losing to Fnatic cost Origen a lot in the standings.

Player to Watch


File:UOL Innaxe 2019 Split 2.png

Innaxe is the replacement to FORG1VEN for Schalke. He might have been exactly what Schalke needed to finally get a win on the board, beating G2. While he is technically not a rookie, he has gotten the call up from the bench to fill the shoes of FORG1VEN. The first game this weekend, he went 1/1/7 versus Vitality on Aphelios. They were able to notch up their second win in this game. Innaxe has always looked fairly solid in his career, but never has gotten a chance to show what he can prove. In the second game, he went 5/1/4 against Excel on Miss Fortune. Usually with a scoreline like that, you would assume that Schalke would be able to get the win. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Innaxe had a great game, but Abbedagge was not able to hold his own in the midlane. There was many mistakes on the Schalke side, but not many by Innaxe. With the falling out between FORG1VEN and Schalke, expect for Innaxe to be the main ADC for Schalke for the time being.

*all photos and data obtained from lol.gamepedia.com*