DraftBuff LEC Week 4

In Week 4, we saw G2 lose twice, Schalke getting their first win, and Misfits really proving themselves on the rift. We have a three way tie for first place between G2, Misfits, and Origen at 6-2. Then another three way tie behind them between Fnatic, Rogue, and Mad Lions at 5-3. Those six teams are fighting for the playoff seedings. Also, Excel is right there on the bubble at 4-4. It is going to come down to the final games of the split to see who gets the playoff spots, and who is unlucky enough to be the team that misses out. Unfortunately, the bottom three teams, SK Gaming, Schalke, and Vitality, are more than likely not going to be fighting for playoff spots during the Spring Split. Even though Schalke did take a game off the best team in the league, they do not look to actually be fighting for a playoff spot. Being nearly halfway through the Spring Split, the LEC is getting very interesting for all involved.

Best Performers LEC


File:OG Xerxe 2020 Split 1.png

Xerxe had an amazing showing this weekend helping Origen seal two victories and tying up G2 and Misfits for first place. In the first game, he went 8/0/4 on Karthus against MAD Lions. While Karthus has been out of meta for a little bit, Xerxe was able to reach deep in his pocket picks to bring it back out. One thing that makes Xerxe so great is his champion pool. With five junglers banned out, and a sixth taken by Shadow, he can always find a champion to fit in his team composition very well. In this game, Xerxe was playing great around his knowledge of the map. Putting pressure where it needed to be and rotating allowed him to put a stranglehold on MAD Lions. In his second game, he went 3/1/7 on Gragas against Excel. During this game, he had some amazing engages for his team. In this game, he had to have a bigger role for Origen because Nukeduck was on Soraka. The engages and the full AP Gragas were exactly what Origen needed in this game. After a poor performance from Jankos, Xerxe has proven again why should be in the conversation of the best jungler in LEC. Next week, he is up against SK and Fnatic. Expect him to very well against SK. Fnatic versus Origen is the match of the week, this is going to be a great game that Fnatic is looking to get revenge from Week 1.

Hans Sama

File:RGE Hans Sama 2020 Split 1.png

Hans Sama has consistently been a great ADC, but has always been behind the top tier of ADCs. With some players leaving LEC, this has given him more of the spotlight he deserves. In the first game during the weekend, he went 2/1/3 on Aphelios against Schalke. He was able to get a 25 CSD@15 against Innaxe during this game. While a 2/1/3 scoreline is nothing amazing, getting 381 cs in a 33 minutes game is. His play this game was very smart, and he showed a lot of restraint every minute of this game. In the second game, he went 3/1/2 against SK Gaming on Aphelios. Similar to the first game, he did not have an insane KDA, but he had great cs numbers with 309 cs in 27 and a half minutes. Subsequently, he played this game extremely well. Looking at Rogue as a whole, they do not have very fast tempo games. Most of their games are more slow and controlled. Instead of brute forcing their way to wins, they will slowly deplete their enemy’s resources. Getting every wave, applying a lot of pressure, and rotating around the map is the way they have been able to see such success for them. Rogue has a rough week coming up against Fnatic and Misfits. Hopefully Hans Sama, and the rest of the Rouge squad, can prove that he is the real deal.

Upsetting Performers LEC


File:G2 Caps 2020 Split 1.png

Instead of Claps showing up this weekend, it was Craps. Caps has shown time and time again that he is one of the best players the LEC has to offer. However, this weekend was not one of those times. In the first game against Misfits, he went 0/9/4 on Aphelios. To give a one word summary from this game, yikes. Caps set a new personal record of 7 deaths by 15 minutes. Not a very good record to set for himself. In the early game, he had so many misplays. Dying alone trying to reach the minion wave caused two of those deaths. If he would’ve had some patience, maybe he would’ve not died so much. However, he was too heavy for him team to carry to victory. This ultimately resulted in G2’s first loss of the split. In the second game, Caps went 2/4/5 on Aphelios against Schalke. While this game was much better for him, it still did not result in a win for G2. Surprisingly, Schalke’s first win of the split was against the team that, at the time, was in sole possession of first place. In this game, Caps didn’t look bad, it was more of his teams faults throughout the game which pulled him down. I guess it evens out with Caps feeding in the first game, and then the rest of G2 feeding in the second game. While this was a down week for G2 and Caps, look for them to bounce back extremely hard next week against Excel and MAD Lions.


File:FNC Hylissang 2020 Split 1.png

Hylissang and Mikyx are by far the two best supports in the LEC. However, they are both very hit or miss. This is exactly what Hylissang showed us this weekend. He had a good first game, but a very bad second game. In the first game, he went 3/3/8 on Rakan against Vitality. This wasn’t a bad game for him by any means. However, it did start with a 2v2 death while still level 1. Even with the rough early game, he was able to turn it around and make some great plays by his creative pathing and flanks. This was a good game for him this weekend, but like I said earlier, there is also a lot of poor performances from him. In his second game, he went 0/9/4 on Nautilus against MAD Lions. It started off with a level 3 tower dive which cost Fnatic his life in exchange for Carzzy’s. Right off of respawning, he ran straight to midlane to try and make a play. However, MAD Lions were ready for this and killed him a second time almost immediately. Throughout this game, there were many missed hooks which caused Hylissang to be caught out of position. Along with the missed hooks, he also had some interesting choices on his movement around the map. He got caught out a few times in the game which cost him a few deaths. But like I said, Hylissang is very hit or miss. Next week Fnatic is up against Rouge and Origen. With Hylissang being their big play maker, he will need to show up if Fnatic wants to win during these tough games.

Players to Watch LEC


File:MSF 2020 Spring.jpg

I think all the rookies from Misfits deserve a lot of attention. Dan Dan, Razork, Bvoy, and Denyk have been showing up to surge to the top of the standings with G2 and Origen. The amount of growth all the players have had this split is great to watch each week. They started off with an 0-2 week 1, and followed up with a 6-0 weeks 2-4. They broke G2 and gave them their first loss this split. Misfits has all of the momentum coming into week 5, looking to extend their winning streak up to 8 games in a row. Throughout the spring split, they have showed their moments of weaknesses. This is expected from almost an entirely rookie lineup, but they have managed to keep their composure through the highs and lows. After the rough first week, they came in extremely strong week 2. This momentum has been able to propel them into the team they are today. Looking towards the future, it is going to be a long fight for first place. Having won the head-to-heads against G2 and Origen, they are feeling confident for the rest of the split. Granted, these are best of ones. The only best of three that we have seen from this Misfits lineup was in the Neosurf Cup against Excel before the spring split began. When it comes to the spring split championship, expect Misfits, G2, and Fnatic to be fighting for that one spot.

*all pictures and data obtained from lol.gamepedia.com*