DraftBuff LEC Week 3

Week 3 gave us some of the answers we are looking for as teams start to separate themselves in the standings.  G2 have solidified themselves at the top of the standings beating Rogue and Fnatic to remain undefeated. Misfits is surprisingly tied for second with 3 other teams.  This year is absolutely the year of the rookie with MAD Lions smashing all expectations. But some questions still remain. Can anyone challenge G2? Who will get the first win between Schalke and Vitality?  This weekend was a time for some players to shine and others to not perform.

Best Performers LEC


Wunder had an amazing two games against Rogue and Fnatic.  Against Rogue, he played Soraka and went 2/5/15 in a 38 minute slugfest.  It wasn’t the cleanest of games for G2, however they were able to pull it off in the end.  With the unconventional top lane pick, Wunder was able to be the ambulance G2 needed to pull off the win against Rogue.  Keeping Caps and PERKZ top off in HP was vital for the win. Against Fnatic, he played Aatrox and went 7/1/4 into Bwipo’s Gangplank.  Wunder had nearly a 50 CSD@15 this game which helped propel G2 into a strong mid game to close out the game against Fnatic. He is one of the best top laners that the LEC has to offer.  Pick him up on your fantasy team to consistently score well.


EU Febiven is back and better than ever.  After a lackluster performance in NA and getting benched during the 2019 Summer Split, Febiven has returned to form back in the LEC.  He played both games on Diana going 4/0/9 in the first game against Schalke and 3/2/4 in the second game against Origen. Each weekend Misfits has been getting better and better to help them surge up in the standings.  This is because of the performance that Febiven has been able to put together. While the Origen game was a little shaky for him, he was still able to perform extremely well due to the jungle/mid duo. Febiven’s experience is showing each game proving that he and Misfits are not to be messed with.  Picking him up on your fantasy team will help out a lot throughout the rest of the Spring Split.  

Upsetting Performers LEC


Nemesis is debatably the second best midlaner currently in the LEC, only behind PERKZ, but this weekend he did not perform anywhere close to how he normally does.  In the first game against Excel, he went 1/2/6 on Syndra. He was able to apply a ton of pressure onto Mickey’s Leblanc during the laning phase, almost solo killing him multiple times. Onto the mid game, he didn’t really do a lot.  Every team fight he just appeared to be a few seconds late to, which almost caused the game to get out of hand for Fnatic. Thankfully, he’s on a great team which allowed them to pull off the win, but not because of his performance.  He went 1/4/2 on Veigar against G2. Nemesis has these innovative picks that has allowed him to rise to the top, but he couldn’t do anything to help his team this game. Similar to the first game against Excel, he seemed slow on rotations around the map.  Unfortunately, they were playing the best team in Europe, so he could not get carried this game. Expect him to bounce back next week against Vitality to return back to form.  


Nukeduck unfortunately also had a pretty rough weekend.   The first game he went 2/2/6 on Syndra against Vitality. The second game he went 2/4/2 on Qiyana against Misfits.  Nukeduck has always been a great player throughout the entire game with very few flaws. In the first game against Vitality, he got caught out a few times requiring his teammates to come to his rescue.  The main reason Origen won is that Vitality was making too many mistakes. Upset and Alphari carried Nukeduck to victory in this game. In the game against Misfits, he had a few great plays, but he also had a few poor plays.  Nukeduck got caught overextending twice, but he also was able to zone misfits off of the baron and dragon multiple times. That game had very high and low points in it for him. He’s still a very good midlaner that can easily bounce back from poor performances, don’t expect this poor play to keep him down long.

Player To Watch LEC


Razork was an absolute monster this weekend.  He went 6/0/6 on Lee Sin against Schalke in the first game.  He showed his advanced mechanics on stage with many great plays for Misfits.  Not only were his mechanics great, his timing around the map was flawless. Securing four dragons and the baron helped excel his team to victory past Schalke.  In the second game, he went 5/2/5 on Gragas against Origen. His play was pivotal in this win. His creative gank pathing allowed Misfits to get an early lead and snowball.  The only fault in his play during this weekend was a missed smite on baron against Origen. This almost allowed them to come back, but he made sure they did not. Many great engages by Razork made sure they would hold off Origen for the win.  To add a little icing on top of his insane performance this game, he was awarded his first Kia Player of the Game in the win against Origen. After these games, his name has come up in the Rookie of the Split discussion. He needs to continue this play to keep Misfits rising in the standings.  Next week he has his biggest test yet, Jankos and G2. Picking him up on your fantasy team can prove to be a good investment in the long run. Influencing each lane every game has allowed him to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with for the weeks to come.  

*all pictures and data obtained from lol.gamepedia.com*