DraftBuff LCS Week 4 Review

Week 4 Summary

Cloud 9 has been on a tear as they finished the weekend with another 2 wins, putting them at 8-0 on the split and have left very little doubt among fans that they are the best team in the LCS. The rest of the teams, however, are still fairly close. TSM suffered an 0-2 weekend after a 4-0 run the past 2 weekends and Immortals and Flyquest sit towards the top of the table at 5-3. Broxah came to TL with a lot of hype but the team finished with an okay 1-1 weekend. CLG is now also making a move in the midlane bringing back Mr. 200 IQ himself Pobelter. Overall, LCS has been very surprising thus far.

Highlight players of the week


It goes without saying that Zven has had a monstrous split after leaving TSM. This is typically the pattern after players leave TSM as it also happened with Svenskeren, Doublelift and Amazing. Zven has only recorded 2 deaths all split and continues to rack in the most points of all players so far this split for fantasy teams. This past weekend he had an impressive 12/1/13 K/D/A. With the success C9 is finding this split it is for certain you NEED a C9 player on your team to take those wins week by week.


The GoldenGOD is back and is proving to people that NA midlaners may not be as bad as people tend to say. This past week Goldenglue put up a great performance on Cass followed up by a decent game on Diana. It was a toss-up between Goldenglue and FBI for my second player of the week, but Goldenglue has been with the scene for so long trying to prove himself that he deserves to be here. With a 7/3/13 K/D/A this weekend, Goldenglue must’ve taken many fantasy players by surprise. Look out for Goldenglue and Golden Guardians, who are on a 3 game win-streak, to get you some points for the rest of the split.



This one feels tough to write, but Stunt had an unimpressive showing last weekend for 100 Thieves. The young player who has switched teams constantly since season 6 (and one of my personal favorite players since Piglet’s accidental Rammus support lock-in on Team Liquid Academy)  is finally getting his chance to start for an LCS team without having to worry about being replaced or benched like he was on Phoenix1 and teams before that. Stunt, however, had a K/D/A of 0/9/2 this past weekend and actually scored me negative points. Be on the lookout for 100 Thieves performances in the future for your fantasy team.


Since winning the 2017 World Championship with Samsung Galaxy, Crown’s career has been on the decline. It’s difficult for that not to happen when you go from winning on the biggest stage in the world and then coming to NA to play in the LCS. Crown and CLG have had a less than impressive split this Spring and unfortunately, Crown is being benched. After a K/D/A of 2/10/2 this past weekend, CLG needed the change. If you have Crown on your starting roster, be sure to sub him out for someone who may be undrafted like Eika or Goldenglue, or the returning LCS champion Pobelter.

Player to Watch this Weekend


Pobelter is back everyone! CLG is making this surprising substitution after a very disappointing Spring Split thus far. Pobelter hasn’t played since his stint last year on FlyQuest, which didn’t turn out so well. Pobelter was also supposed to be the sub jungler for Team Liquid while Broxah was having his visa issues, but the team decided to go with Shernfire instead. Finally though, Pobelter is returning to the team where he won his first title. Three-time LCS champion and NA resident midlaner Pobelter will be looking to prove to everyone that he deserves to be in this position, with Crown being replaced, Pobelter would be a great pickup to any hopeful fans!

*all pictures and data obtained from lol.gamepedia.com*