DraftBuff LCS Week 3

Week 3 Quick Recap

The LCS continued its 2020 Spring Split this past weekend and gave us a clearer look at where the teams are right now. Cloud9 is proving to fans once again that they simply do not lose the offseason. TSM had another great 2-0 week, and Team Liquid continues to underperform without their main Jungler, Broxah. Immortals have slipped into the top 3 of the LCS standings after a very odd ending to their game vs CLG, and Dignitas suffered an underwhelming 0-2 week.

Highlight players of the week


When Blaber was given the starting role at C9, some fans were skeptical. He was known for his over-aggressive playstyle and rash decision making. He also had big shoes to fill after the MVP summer performance from Svenskeren in 2019. However, Blaber has been a big part of C9’s 6-0 start in the league. He had an impressive 10/2/17 K/D/A this weekend, which was sure to score a lot of points for whoever was lucky enough to have him. Blaber and all members of C9 are smart choices to have on your starting lineup in the future.


It’s no secret that TSM had a more than disappointing start to their split with a loss to Immortals and Team Liquid. However, TSM found a formula the past 2 weekends to succeed, in which Bjergsen was a key performer for the team. With the rest of the team still having some growing pains, Bjergsen has proven that he is still one of, if not the best mid in NA. With a K/D/A of 6/0/14, Bjergsen was a solid pick last weekend for the LCS and might be in the future if TSM can continue to find the same success that they found this past weekend.

*all pictures and data obtained from lol.gamepedia.com*



Team Liquid is disappointing fans, plain and simple. A lot of this frustration can be pointed at their strategy to pick Doublelift Senna over and over. However, it’s clear that this formula is not working for Team Liquid and Doublelift may not feel as comfortable on that champion as he would with a more consistent DPS ADC, as his K/D/A of 3/4/7 might indicate. Hopefully Liquid is able to adapt to make the proper changes in their drafts and with Broxah finally getting his Visa, maybe Team Liquid can turn their season around.


Viper was able to wow viewers of the LCS the first week with his amazing Riven gameplay. FlyQuest looked like a dark horse contender to make playoffs based on the first two weeks of the LCS. However, that magic is slowly starting to fade as Viper and FlyQuest dropped two games this weekend with a blowout from the hands of C9 and a convincing loss against EG. Some fans had Viper out to be a dominant force in the top lane, but his K/D/A of 0/5/5 tells fans that maybe he’s not dominant against the NA top lane talent pool as some may have thought.

*all pictures and data obtained from lol.gamepedia.com*