DraftBuff Frequently Asked Questions

Support Channels:

Login & Signup

  1. I can’t login. It’s saying my user does not exist but my user definitely does. Can you help me?
    1. Our login is case sensitive. Make sure you are entering the right case sensitivity on your email or username. If you signed up via FB/Google, you’ll want to sign in via those buttons, rather than entering your email/username as well. If you’re still experiencing issues, please reach out via support channels above.
  2. Can I change my username?
    1. At the moment, if you signed up via username/email you cannot. It’s tied to your login and is a deficiency in our authentication system. We’re working on changing this but no date to share as of yet. If you signed up via FB/Google, please reach out via support channels.
  3. I didn’t get my verify/forget password email and it’s been X minutes! Can you help me?
    1. Sorry! First, can you check your spam folder to make sure it didn’t get flagged? If you did, then reach out via support channels.

Fantasy General Questions

  1. I created/joined a league but I can’t start my draft yet? Why?
    1. You can’t start your draft until your league is full. First, invite your friends and once the league has been filled up, you can schedule your draft. If you’re still having issues, reach out via support channels.
  2. I don’t understand how this works. Can you help me?
    1. Think ESPN Fantasy Football for esports. Create/join a league, invite your friends, schedule your draft, and then select your players that you think will perform best based on the scoring options. Then you manage your roster every week as if you’re an esports manager. For more in depth for each esport:
    1. Overwatch: https://news.draftbuff.com/fantasy-leagues-overwatch-101/
    2. LOL: https://news.draftbuff.com/fantasy-leagues-league-of-legends-101/
    3. COD: https://news.draftbuff.com/fantasy-leagues-call-of-duty-101/
  3. What does UTIL mean?
    1. UTIL stands for Utility. Any player can fill this slot. Think of them as a designated hitter or the ultimate flex. Think strategically on what position will perform the best here.
  4. What does BN mean?
    1. BN stands for Bench. This is a player that does not count towards your fantasy team’s fantasy score. What purpose do they serve? Teams have byes, players start to slump or have visa issues. At some point, you’re going to want to swap out your starters for a bench player so pick wisely.
  5. How do waivers work?
    1. Please see: https://news.draftbuff.com/draftbuff-waivers/
  6. My league already drafted and now I want to change my league scoring options.
    1. If your league has completed a week of play, you cannot modify the scoring multipliers. Commissioners can add additional bench slots via league settings but cannot add other slots. If your league wants more specific scoring changes, please reach out via support channels.
  7. I entered an incorrect password too many times trying to join a league. Can you reset me?
    1. Yes. Please reach out via support channels above.
  8. How do I leave a league?
    1. In a league, in the top right, hit the cog/settings icon and you’ll have the ability to leave a league. Once you do, you will not be able to re-join.
  9. Someone left my league. What is this bot?
    1. When someone leaves a league after drafting has started, a bot assumes ownership for that team. The bot is pretty much an AFK player and will not trade, make roster swaps, anything. You can think of the bot as a bye week since they probably won’t do very well.
    2. One of our requested features is replacing a bot with a friend. You can track that progress here: https://draftbuff.kampsite.co/suggestions/c20e21b0-ca0d-4d2d-84c4-33c90ee61b6b
    3. For now, if you have a friend that wants to replace a bot, please reach out via DMs.
  10. What do I need to know as commissioner?
    1. Please see: https://news.draftbuff.com/what-you-need-to-know-to-be-your-fantasy-commissioner/

Fantasy COD Specific Questions

  1. This scoring doesn’t add up. Why does my player have this score?
    1. COD is a tricky beast because series are BO5. More maps (i.e. going to a game 4 or 5) does not mean the player is better. Our current scoring system is an AVERAGE model, rather than a SUM model. That means that we average the players kills, deaths, OBJ, etc. across the number of maps they played, rather than simply summing it up. The same goes for SND, but here we average by rounds, rather than maps. The better player might go 6-0, rather than 6-5 and we reward accordingly.
    2. See: https://twitter.com/DraftBuff/status/1221254365601660928 for a calculation. Reach out if this is still confusing.
    3. Fill out our survey if you would like to provide feedback on this scoring system: http://bit.ly/37xk58B

Fantasy LOL Specific Questions

  1. Will you be supporting additional scoring statistics?
    1. 100%. For Spring Split 2020, we’ll only be supporting Kills, Deaths, Assists, and Creep Score. However, we plan to add more including the team slot for Summer Split 2020. In addition, we’re looking to add triple kills, quad kills, and penta kills too.
    2. Fill out our survey if you would like to provide feedback on our scoring system: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3XSZMS6

Roadmap Questions

  1. Do you guys plan to have a website in addition to mobile app?
    1. Yes! I can’t provide a date as of yet but it’s on our radar.
  2. I like your app! When will you support X?
    1. The next esports we want to add are CSGO and DOTA2. After that, we’ll gauge based on what our customers want the most. We’re looking at Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege, and Halo as possible contenders but nothing definitive yet. We’ll be launching an ambassador program at a later date that you can be a part of to help us reach it to your favorite esport.
  3. Do you have a public roadmap that I can see?
    1. Yes! See: https://draftbuff.kampsite.co/