Dashy wins 2019 Flex of the Year and Sniper of the Year presented by DraftBuff, EasyMac, vLionMan

BRUCE. BRUCE. BRUCE.” The crowd screamed as the player hoisted the trophy. In a few short months, Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell went from being an upcoming player with lots of potential to one of the biggest stars in Call of Duty esports. From his modest start in the 2017 Infinite Warfare season, the 20-year-old Canadian is now voted as the best flex players and snipers in Black Ops 4. 

Nicknamed due to his gruff, Caped Crusader-like voice, Bruce was known for being a Search and Destroy superstar at the start of his career. Along with fellow underage talents like Cellium, Illey, and ‘Rookie of the Year’ Simp, he dominated the online community with his exceptional gun skill and SnD expertise. 

Dashy at MLG Anaheim

Coming into WW2, Dashy was picked up by Engima6 for CWL Dallas 2018 alongside General, Bevils and Decemate. Here, he forever made his mark in the professional scene by dropping 20 kills in a Game 5 SnD versus Rise Nation. This feat matched that of player Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter’s legendary performance at MLG Anaheim against Faze Clan during the Ghosts season. While his team placed poorly throughout the year, Dashy made a big impact in-game, and topped the leaderboards in SnD K/D ratios and Hardpoint slaying, making him one of the most versatile players of WW2. 

In the build-up to Black Ops 4, he became a top prospect for teams looking to change up their play style. He was immediately picked up by the legendary Optic Gaming, alongside fellow young superstar TJHaly and three of the greatest players of all time: Scump, Karma, and Crimsix. Optic had just survived their worst year in the organisation’s history. Wanting a complete makeover, they dropped Octane and Methodz for Dashy and TJ. Many criticised Optic for dropping Octane, one of the best in the world, for an unproven player. Dashy stunned all his critics by giving one of the best individual performances by a player ever. He had a stunning 2.17 SnD K/D and an overall aK/D of 1.55, topping the leaderboards in both.

His most memorable moments were definitely in the CWL Vegas Grand Finals against eUnited. In the first map, eUnited were only 6 points away from winning the map. Optic had to hold the final hill for over 45 seconds. Bruce, having a slow game at 15/23, rises to the challenge and goes on an 8 kill streak, only to be gunned down by his teammate. He immediately gets back in the fight and goes on another 6 kill streak, single-handedly holding down the eUnited wave multiple times to win the map. He then performs an equally impressive feat in the next SnD map against them. He first takes down 3 members of eUnited with his gun before pulling out his Tempest, taking down the other two to complete the ace and win the map. One map of Control later, Optic won the CWL Vegas event. Dashy had the highest K/D from a winning team ever. The crowd went berserk.

Dashy with the MVP trophy and the CWL Vegas trophy. Credits to https://www.instagram.com/ericananmalay/?hl=en


Dashy raised the trophy and was awarded the MVP of the event for his performance and ability to clutch games in any situation. He was the ultimate slayer and at the time, the best player in the world to touch Black Ops4. 

Dashy wiping the entire Enigma6 squad at CWL Champs

After Vegas, CoD analyst Land0 said

I had a lot of high hopes for this guy (Dashy) coming into an event. I truly believe him to be one of the best as far as skills are considered that I have EVER seen out of watching Call of Duty competitively since 2010-11. This is the guy I’m putting all my money on. I wasn’t expecting to see this till maybe the third or fourth event. I thought it might take some time (…) It literally took him a map”

Dashy clutching a 1v3 vs eUnited at CWL Fort Worth

In terms of his sniping skills, Dashy was a walking montage. As Optic’s main sniper, he often took over rounds of SnD with sheer gun skill. He was the master of flicking the shot and quick-scoping. There were often moments where he’d kill the enemy player before the audience or even the casters could see them. This absolute dominance was reflected in his stats, as by the end of Black Ops 4 he had an average SnD K/D of 1.36.

Dashy making montages at CWL London

While they couldn’t win another event, Dashy proved himself as the ultimate slayer and flex in Black Ops 4. He topped the K/D ratio in all game modes with a 1.29 Hardpoint and 1.34 Control K/D. In one year, he became one of the most feared people on the map. Dashy proved that the only thing holding him back in WW2 was a lack of a solid supporting cast to his main act. Even though Optic failed to win another event, they consistently placed well. They finished Top 3 thrice, including at the Call of Duty Championships. In just a year of being part of the organisation, Bruce became one of the biggest icons for the Greenwall, and top picks for every franchise going into the next season.