CWL Awards 2019, Presented By DraftBuff, LionMan, & EasyMac

DraftBuff, LionMan, and EasyMac are proud to present to you the CWL Awards 2019. After an incredible year of Call of Duty, let’s appreciate some of the best players we have ever seen play the game.

With that, we present to you:

Rookie of the Year – Vote Here

All Star Positions of the Year – Vote Here




Coach of the Year – Vote Here

Sniper of the Year – Vote Here

Voting will be done in the same format as the NBA All Star format: fans account for 50% and analysts and media account for the remaining 50%. Voting will close 8/31. Winners will be announced on 9/1. LionMan will then make special player cards for the winners.

Here’s list of links below:

Here’s list of media/analyst links below (It’s password protected):