Create your Draft Royale and join the XP Hype Train!

Hello everyone! If you enjoy playing Draft Royales – or even better, likes creating your own contests – this new update is for you! And if for any reason – which we will forgive you, this time only – you don’t have our app yet, you can download it for iOS and Android or check our Website!

Starting now, we are unlocking DraftPass XP rewards for ALL Draft Royales – that’s right, not only the ones created by us. However, there is one condition: your Draft Royale needs to have at least 50 participants, otherwise it would be too easy to farm DraftPass Tiers, right? If you manage to cross the 500 and 1000 participant mark, you will unlock even more XP rewards! So make sure to share your Draft Royale everyone, so you and your friends can get closer to unlock the super exclusive new avatar that we will be rewarding during DraftPass Season 2…we will definitely be sharing more about that in the next days!

For all of you number lovers, here is exactly how many XP you will be earning after reaching each of the participant thresholds:

50-499 participants:
Top 5%: 10 XP
Top 6-25%: 5 XP

500-999 participants:
Top 5%: 20 XP
6-10%: 10 XP
11-25%: 5 XP

1000+ participants:
Top 5%: 30 XP
6-10%: 20 XP
11-25%: 10 XP

And that would be everything! If you have any questions on how the XP Hype Train works, you can tweet to us or send us a message on Discord! Good luck and have fun in your leagues!