CDL Weekly Roundup – Stage III Week Two

The second week of Stage III did not disappoint at all. We saw last-place London Royal Ravens defeat New York Subliners, and take Atlanta Faze all the way to a map five. Not many people expected this turnaround from the Ravens, but it’s important for them to ride this momentum into Week Three. In the marquee match of the week, the Los Angeles Thieves upset the world by taking down Optic Chicago for the first time this season. But the biggest shock of the past week was undoubtedly their decision to bench TJHaly in order to acquire Huke

Player Focus

You guessed it, it’s Huke of Los Angeles Thieves. The 2020 World Champion, who was arguably the best player in Stage I, has not found the success he and his teammates have hoped for so far in 2021. Now playing under Nadeshot and a team on the rise, could Huke be the final piece of the puzzle to deliver this franchise their first Major victory?

Match of the Week

Atlanta Faze vs Optic Chicago

Despite being the most anticipated matchup in the COD League, both teams aren’t really fine form at the moment. Faze, despite looking untouchable in the First Stage, has regressed a fair bit. Optic, on the other hand, has yet to find their footing at all this season. If they fail to make their third Grand Final in a row at the upcoming Stage III major, questions will be asked about whether this team has the capability to win tournaments. There is a lot at stake for both teams in this game in regards to the seeding for Major III. Who do you think takes it?