CDL Week In Review: Stage III Week 3- 5-12 May 2021

The final week of Stage III concluded as New York Subliners and Toronto Ultra secured the number one seed in their respective groups. Subliners’ stock spiked up with the addition of Hydra to the starting lineup. The Frenchman helped his team to a 9-0 record in Hardpoint as they defeated all but one team in Group B. Meanwhile Ultra continued where they left off from Major II, going undefeated in Group A in dominant fashion. 

Optic Chicago were the underperformers of the week, as they finished in fourth place. The fan-favorite team yet to attend a Major final have statistically struggled in Respawn game-modes against the better teams in the league, and fans are starting to grow frustrated at their lack of victories. 

Player to Watch

Havok, Mutineers

Havok, who came in place for Slacked, helped Mutineers cruise to a second place finish in Stage II. Despite starting his season off slow, Havok soon found his footing and had a couple of dominant maps. Florida will be counting on him to deliver consistent performances this weekend.

Match of the Week

Faze vs Empire

A rematch of the Stage I Major final, but this time with a fresh new face. FeLo will be taking on the powerhouses for the first time this season. Will FeLo have what it takes to go toe to toe in the AR department with the likes of Arcitys and Cellium?