CDL Week In Review: 17-23 June 2021- Major IV

After defeating Dallas Empire in a grueling nine-map Grand Finals, Atlanta FaZe was the first team to win back-to-back Majors in 2021. The team has now attended all four Majors in the season, and it’s hard to imagine them not being in the picture come to Stage V.

Runners-up Dallas Empire was one map away from beating them though. With the arrival of Vivid, the 2020 World Champions started off wobbly with a third-place finish in the Group Stages. But they started their first LAN game emphatically, stomping OpTic Chicago 3-0 to progress to Round 2. The momentum continued all the way to the Grand Final where they came ever so close to becoming Champions. From losing their star player to getting second place at the Major, you can’t deny that Empire’s turnaround has been incredible to see.

Elsewhere, OpTic Chicago continued to show that they still don’t have what it takes to beat the very best teams. It’s now come to a point where they have yet to make the Top 3 of a Major Tournament all season, and there are major concerns about whether the team is capable of winning Champs. 

Roster Lock

Going into the fifth and final Stage, all 12 rosters will be locked for the remainder of the season. These next few weeks should guarantee an entertaining period of rumors and roster changes, as we near the end of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. In fact, we’ve already seen one team shake things up in Los Angeles Guerrillas. In a controversial move, the ninth-place team decided to drop top performer Chino for substitute Mental. This was met with backlash, and it is argued that this won’t change much in the long run. 

Player to Watch

Mental, LA Guerrillas

Mental has made his way onto a starting roster as one of the most exciting prospects in the Amateur circuit. From winning 22 Championships in Gears Of War, Mental’s departure to Call of Duty definitely turned some heads, and many have been wondering just how good he can be in the CDL. Stage V will be his first appearance at the top flight, so the pressure is definitely on the 22-year-old to deliver for his squad in need of a Top 8 finish.