CDL Week In Review: 1-7 March 2021

With another week in the books, and the Major beginning imminently, we’re here to catch you up to speed on what went down this week, and what to watch out for!

Dallas Empire dropped a massive series to OpTic that will cause their fans no end of worry ahead of the Major.

Week in Review

Week three saw Optic Chicago bounce back with two victories, as Atlanta Faze lost their first series of the season. Optic brushed aside a Seattle Surge team on the rise, followed by a massive victory against rivals Dallas Empire in game five. Scump and his teammates have all the momentum going into the second Major of the season.

The biggest surprise was arguably the Royal Ravens going 0-6 in map count, after an impressive showing the week prior. A shocking 3-0 defeat to Ultra, followed by another whitewash at the hands of Faze, is not what the fans would’ve wanted to see with their first match at the Major just days away.

Player to Watch

Owakening – Florida Mutineers

‘Big Wake’ had his worst Fantasy performance of the season, posting just 48 points against Empire and Legion. The star player for Florida, who has been tipped as an MVP candidate, will need to get his act together if his team wants any chance of getting through the Losers bracket.

Match to Watch

Empire vs Subliners

Clayster squares off against his former teammates for the third time this season, and is still looking for that first win. The 2020 World Champion who was dropped from the roster for the 2021 season has openly stated that there is no hard feelings between him and his former teammates, but for Clayster and the rest of New York, it’s about proving to everyone that they can beat the upper echelon of teams and win tournaments.