Loadout: New COD Culture Podcast with KatieBedford and Studyy

Katie Bedford and Jeremy ‘Studyy‘ Astacio have banded together for a new Call of Duty podcast, The Loadout, focused on Call of Duty culture. Each episode they’ve been bringing on major athletes/esports athletes to talk about their lives and also their love for all things video games.

In Episode 1, Katie and Studyy were joined by Ravens Wide Receiver, Miles Boykin. Miles talks about his rookie season, what he’s up to now during quarantine (spoiler: playing some Call of Duty), and more.

In Episode 2, on his birthday and after Dallas Empire won their 2nd CDL tournament, the Loadout team were joined by Clayster where he talks about how entrance into esports and potentially what’s up next for him.

You can watch the Loadout live on Twitch or catch it on YouTube, Spotify, or iTunes. We’ll also keep this article up to date for all episodes.