Key Matchups to Look for this Weekend

In what has been the longest offseason in history, the call of duty league finally kicked off last night in Minnesota. We have already seen some shocking upsets and some matches that have gone down to the wire. At this point, you have either been grinding through scrims trying to make a pro or amateur team, or you’ve been studying them to find out who’s the best pick for your fantasy draft. We’re not going to tell you who your first pick should be. Now is the time to talk about matchups this week that could prove to be entertaining and insightful for all fantasy managers. Whether they are two players who play similar roles and have similar skill levels, or two players with intense rivalry leading up to their match. Here are five key head-to-head battles you don’t want to miss.


The two most dominant teams right now are Dallas Empire and Atlanta Faze. One of the most important reasons for these teams’ unbelievable performance is the abundance of young talent on both teams. We’re excited about this matchup is because it sets up 2019’s rookie of the year, Simp, against a contender for 2020’s rookie of the year, Illey. Chris Lehr and Indervir Dhaliwal used to be teammates on eUnited’s cadet squad. The two, alongside Faze’s Cellium and Turnup2ez, were a team in eUnited’s cadet squad. Both players are known for their incredible Search & Destroy expertise. The result of the match may rest on which SnD star proves to be more dominant.


After the “Hecz-odus” to NRG, Scump left Optic and his teammate Dashy for the Huntsmen. Once team-mates with incredible chemistry, Bruce now finds himself at odds with none other than the King. While Dashy has proven himself to be one of the most talented players in the league, he may find himself struggling against a Hunstmen roster with moment. On the flip side, Scump will be looking to prove to the world that who the real Optic belongs to, and nothing will stand in his way of achieving that.


There’s some history between these two. A few years ago they were teammates. Dominant AR players recruited to save Optic on the verge of collapse. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do that and were dropped immediately after the end of WWII. But we haven’t picked them solely out of a sentimental nature. Both these players are the best slayers on their respective teams. While Octane has consistently been a top tier AR for several years in a row, Methodz was considered one of the best ARs in WWII, the last slow BOTG game. These two are sure to make the Seattle versus Toronto match a lot more interesting. 


The last time these two powerhouses faced each other was at the CWL Finals in 2019. Arcitys and eUnited knocked Cellium’s Faze into the loser’s bracket and then proceeded to win the event. Cellium is a search & destroy superstar who could’ve been rookie of the year under different circumstances. Arcitys was one of the best AR players last year and he played a major role in winning the World Championship for eUnited. As both players will be trying to one-up each other on the main stage, only one can bring his team to victory. This matchup may be the highlight of the match between Atlanta Faze and Chicago Huntsmen. 

Arcitys shredded Dallas in their match last night (1:23:56 for mobile users)


This one is going to be the battle of the giants. Slasher and Gunless are both incredibly talented flex players who consistently dominate the year after year. For a brief period in WWII, they were part of the dominant Rise Nation roster that won two events back to back. Both of these players are extremely passionate about the game and have a singular focus on winning. To add more fuel to the fire, Slasher is playing for Optic LA, while Gunless is on the Huntsmen, the team comprising of the “Old Optic”. These two teams will be determined to prove to themselves as the “real optic” and both these players are going to try their hardest to make that goal a reality.