Call of Duty Fantasy Roster Changes

Hey all. Creating the first ever season long Call of Duty fantasy game for a brand new Call of Duty League is not an easy task. We’re literally making this up as we go and so first off, we really appreciate all of your feedback in helping us shape this product for many years to come.

With limited data and pre-season events, we mostly based our positions off Black Ops 4 historical data and our expert opinions. Ultimately, we got a few positions wrong. Further, we allocated too few AR’s, creating a shortage of AR’s in the player pool. With the CDL schedule, only 8 pro teams play every week which means of the 12 starting AR’s, only 8 will actually be playing. That means there’s a good chance that someone doesn’t have a starting AR in their week which can be really frustrating.

After listening to all your feedback from Twitter, Discord, Reddit, we have put all free agents on waivers today (2/3) and have made the following roster changes:

  • MajorManiak: FLEX -> AR & FLEX
  • wuskinz: FLEX -> AR & FLEX
  • Rated: AR -> AR & FLEX
  • FormaL: FLEX -> AR & FLEX
  • Louqa: SMG -> SMG & FLEX
  • Skyz: FLEX -> AR & FLEX

These players can now fill either position and brings the total AR player pool to 17, which we believe is a much healthier number than the existing 13. All players are keeping their original roles so if you drafted them for that, they can continue to exist as is.

Another thing to note is some people suggested consolidating AR and FLEX entirely. We didn’t want to do that to existing leagues but if anyone is interested in drafting for a new league, they can create a league with SMG and UTIL or even just UTIL and play around with a different fantasy meta.

We’ll be evaluating feedback from this and may be making more changes if we feel the meta is still unbalanced.
Thanks for your feedback.