Buff Report – Huntsmen Home Series

Dallas Empire climb to first place in the CDL points leaderboard

Following a win last night at the Chicago Huntsmen Home series, Dallas Empire defeated Atlanta Faze in the final, claiming their second CDL event victory – the only team to do so. To put things into perspective, they took home zero CDL points at the launch weekend. Empire showed no signs of slowing down all weekend as they dropped just three maps – none of which coming against Chicago Huntsmen – the team that they failed to defeat in their last three meetings.

In a post game interview, Ian “Crimsix” Porter spoke about what makes Empire such a good SND team; “We come up with strats and we execute them way better than I’ve ever seen a team do”. “Random things come really easy to us, so I definitely think it’s hard to read”. 

Is this the end of Optic Gaming LA?

Most of the community had predicted Optic to be a top 4 team before the season started. This was a team with three world championships and a plethora of major championship victories – five coming from the 2019 Black Ops 4 season. Five tournaments into the current season, OGLA have accumulated just 20 CDL points and failed to make a single semi final in the four that they have attended. 

If there is simply no way this team can succeed together in Modern Warfare, what are the possible roster changes that can OGLA make? Jkap and TJHaly were both in the bottom five for fantasy points for this event, which indicates that a change in the SMG department could improve the chemistry of the team. A player focused on the dirty work might be just what the team needs, and Seattle Surge substitute Enable could be that player. Alternatively, OGLA could sign a top performer in the Challengers circuit such as a player from Singularity or Faze academy.

Mack gives Subliners a new lease of life

After gaining just 10 CDL points from three events, something had to change for the Subliners, and Mack have been the very change that they needed.

New York were off to a flying start in the ‘group of death’ as they took down a strong Huntsmen team 3-2, winning a clinical round 11 along the way. They maintained their momentum in the next round, where they took Faze to game five – 84 point clubbing them in the process. Unfortunately they were seen off by Atlanta, and were unable to shrug that loss off in the rematch against Huntsmen, which ended 3-1.

New York’s final placement at the Huntsmen Home series didn’t do them justice, as they clearly rocked the foundations of two of the best teams in the league. It’s still early days yet, but the addition of Mack has been the best thing to happen to the Subliners so far this season.

CDL newcomers fail to stand out

As all teams should do when something isn’t going right, multiple roster changes were made in the last month or two in a bid to improve the team and keep up with the juggernauts. However, most debutants have seemingly been unable to make a major difference. Pandur, Seany and Spart were all in the bottom 10 for fantasy points this weekend, failing to perform much better than their benched counterparts. 

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