Beep beep… Fill your league with Bots!

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One of the biggest concerns for any commissioner creating a fantasy league is what to do if their league is not filled, if that final spot remains vacant and the league is doomed not to start…forever. RIP right?

Not here! Starting today, this problem is now in the past at DraftBuff! Want to fill your league? Want to kick your noob friend and replace for someone more worthy? Or you simply want to play by yourself? All of that is now possible with our newest feature: Fill with Bots.

Any commissioner that creates a league can now fill remaining open spots with friendly AI players that will use their advanced processing capability to draft the best team for themselves in order to beat puny humans such as you (trust us, they can draft good players…most of the time).

Are you up to the challenge? Then create a new league, fill with bots, and do your part to prove that humans (still) are superior to machine in Fantasy Esports!

And if for any reason – which we will forgive you, this time only – you don’t have our app, you can download it for iOS and Android or check our Website!

…and let the bots out!