Becoming the Superior Analyst: who should you choose for your LCS Fantasy team?

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Picking the players for your fantasy team is sometimes both simple and hard at the same time. While you could pick players who are your favorites, their individual stats might not be great. Vice-versa, you might feel forced to pick players who aren’t your favorites just because they will rack up a lot of points for you. It’s a fine balance between the two. But the simple fact is that when most people look up stats to decide who to pick, they look up the stats for the previous split. Have you ever wondered who the strongest statistical players of all-time are? Which players have been the most consistent in their role throughout their entire career when it comes to stats that are key for fantasy? We’re here to solve that for you!

We looked up historical statistics for the current players in the LCS since the start of their career. The stats that we looked up were matches played, win rate, KDA, average kills, assists and deaths, and finally creep score per minute. This was done with the simple goal of seeing which players have done well statistically not just in the previous split but all-time. By doing this, we’ll be able to show you which players you should consider picking more in the future.

There are a few rules that we followed as well. First off, a player is eligible for this only if they’ve played a full split in the LCS, LEC or LCK. Or if they played close to a full split. This means that players such as Spica, Allorim and Insanity will not be counted. And second, players were only compared to other players in their respective role. This means a top laner is compared to other top laners, a jungler to other junglers and so on. Additionally, you can find the stats for the listed players by scrolling down. Without further ado, here are our picks for most consistent all-time fantasy picks!

Top Lane

Top Pick – C9 Licorice

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Many of you were probably expecting this one, right? It’s no surprise that Licorice is our top pick. Since entering the LCS he has become the best Top Laner (or one of the best) in the league in many people’s eyes. What’s more is that he is a native NA player, something that is valued highly in the LCS. Individually Licorice has always been a strong player and despite not having nearly as many games as our other two options for the top lane, he still has arguably the most impressive statistics in his role.

The only negative to Licorice is that he’s not the best when it comes to assists and is generally more valuable for his individual play rather than his team play. But realistically, is that really a bad thing when it comes to fantasy? Some would say it’s even an advantage.

Reserve Picks – 100T Ssumday & GGS Hauntzer

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Our two reserve picks go towards Ssumday and Hauntzer. Both players have become staples of the LCS, having played in it for four years or more now. Similarly to Licorice, they also boast impressive statistics. Ssumday is all around a solid pick most of the time, though he is slightly behind Licorice. Hauntzer is also a fine choice although he suffers from way too many deaths for a top laner.


Top Pick – C9 Blaber

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Again, not a shocker that Blaber is our top pick. His stats are buffed up by the fact that he doesn’t have that many games all around and had an extremely dominant 2020 Spring Split. Nevertheless with the fact that he’s still a very young player who is still growing and is already this good, we expect him to keep earning a lot more points in future splits as well. He is in the higher echelon when it comes to average deaths for junglers, but all of his other numbers are super good so that isn’t that big of a problem. And as he continues to refine his play, we expect his deaths to keep going down as time goes on.

Reserve Picks – TL Broxah & GGS Closer

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

When it comes to KDA, Broxah is the king for junglers, having a higher one than anyone else including Blaber as well. The downside to him is that his high KDA comes at the price of not having high kills or assists per game. Nevertheless Broxah would be a good choice if you want a jungler who will earn consistently decent points. Closer is also a decent third pick-up if you want someone who is highly promising and is likely to earn good points in most games. Although he may have a bad game every now and then, which is worth noting.

Mid Lane

Top Pick – TSM Bjergsen

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The star and linchpin of TSM himself, Bjergsen slightly edged out Jensen as our top pick for Mid Lane. What sets Bjergsen apart is that while his individual stats are arguably the best, he’s also a very strong team player. Picking Bjergsen is like picking LeBron James or Lionel Messi, you’re always guaranteed great points and there’s almost never a game where Bjergsen will do extremely poorly. We recommend skipping Bjergsen if you want a Mid Laner who will possibly have games where he earns a load of points, even more than Bjergsen would in his best games. Or if you’re simply a fan of TL or Jensen and don’t want to pick Bjergsen!

Reserve Picks – TL Jensen & C9 Nisqy

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Jensen is pretty much interchangeable with Bjergsen. The only reason he’s our reserve pick is that he’s a slightly weaker team player statistically speaking. Nevertheless he is slightly better at average kills and cs per minute than Bjergsen. If you’re a fan of Jensen or TL, or if you simply want a mid laner who can have higher highs, then Jensen would be your pick. Alternatively you could go with Nisqy who may not be that impressive individually but is still a solid choice and will likely continue earning good points. The downside to picking Nisqy is that he’s more of a team player (even more so than Bjergsen), so his own stats may suffer if C9 starts doing poorly.

AD Carry

Top Pick – C9 Zven

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Choosing between Zven and Doublelift was hard. Zven had a rough time on TSM while Doublelift had a great time on TL. However in recent times Doublelift is the one that has struggled while Zven is thriving on C9. Both players are very comparable in terms of stats. What made us pick Zven was simply the fact that he’s a safer option as he dies less on average and is just as good if not better than Doublelift at farming up. However just like with Bjergsen and Jensen, the two players are interchangeable and if you want an AD Carry who may have higher highs than Zven, you could still go with Doublelift. 

Reserve Picks – TSM Doublelift & EG Bang

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Doublelift is pretty much just as good as Zven when it comes to picking your AD Carry. He may have slightly more games where he earns insane amounts of points, if he’s on his A game. However he also tends to die a bit more which is always a downer for fantasy point earnings. Bang is our third choice as he’s a solid ad carry who you can rely on to earn a consistent amount of points for you. He did struggle a bit on 100 Thieves but he has found his groove on Evil Geniuses and continues to give in solid showings with every passing week.


Top Pick – TSM Biofrost

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Ever since entering the LCS, Biofrost has been arguably the best native support that the region has produced. It’s true that the support is the least important role for a fantasy team, so with that in mind it’s best to pick a support that doesn’t die a lot. This way your points will remain safe. Biofrost is one of the supports in NA that dies the least and has impressive individual stats that go along with that. So if you want a good mix of not dying plus earning some points here and there, Biofrost is your guy!

Reserve Picks – TL CoreJJ & C9 Vulcan

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

CoreJJ is arguably just as good as Biofrost. The great thing about him is that out of all supports in NA he has the lowest amount of average deaths. The bad thing about picking him would be that Biofrost outshines him by a large margin when it comes to average assists. Our third pick would be C9’s Vulcan who is pretty comparable to both Biofrost and CoreJJ. We do expect a bright future for him where he will only get better, but right now he’s still growing as a player having just won his first LCS title in Spring of 2020. He also has more average deaths than both of our other two picks.

As usual, thank you for reading! Your support means a lot to us and we wanted to thank you by making an article that could be useful to you. It’s not meant to be a guide but more so something that can steer you in the right direction and show you which players you can invest in often because of how consistent they are. Once again, a big thanks to all our readers and see you next time!



Matches Played: 231

Win Rate: 64.1%

KDA: 3.6

Avg. Kills: 2.8

Avg. Deaths: 2.3

Avg. Assists: 5.2

CS per Minute: 8.5


Matches Played: 384

Win Rate: 53.6%

KDA: 3.8

Avg. Kills: 2.7

Avg. Deaths: 2.1

Avg. Assists: 5.1

CS per Minute: 8.5


Matches Played: 372

Win Rate: 60.8%

KDA: 3.4

Avg. Kills: 2.7

Avg. Deaths: 2.4

Avg. Assists: 5.5

CS per Minute: 8.4


Matches Played: 120

Win Rate: 76.7%

KDA: 4.4

Avg. Kills: 3.6

Avg. Deaths: 2.7

Avg. Assists: 8.3

CS per Minute: 5.8


Matches Played: 283

Win Rate: 64.7%

KDA: 5.5

Avg. Kills: 2.4

Avg. Deaths: 1.7

Avg. Assists: 6.8

CS per Minute: 4.8


Matches Played: 129

Win Rate: 65.9%

KDA: 4.1

Avg. Kills: 2.9

Avg. Deaths: 2.3

Avg. Assists: 6.7

CS per Minute: 5.2


Matches Played: 491

Win Rate: 61.1%

KDA: 5.4

Avg. Kills: 4.0

Avg. Deaths: 1.8

Avg. Assists: 5.6

CS per Minute: 8.8


Matches Played: 410

Win Rate: 61.7%

KDA: 5.2

Avg. Kills: 4.2

Avg. Deaths: 1.8

Avg. Assists: 5.2

CS per Minute: 9.3


Matches Played: 219

Win Rate: 60.3%

KDA: 4.5

Avg. Kills: 3.5

Avg. Deaths: 1.9

Avg. Assists: 5.2

CS per Minute: 8.2


Matches Played: 391

Win Rate: 63.2%

KDA: 5.1

Avg. Kills: 3.6

Avg. Deaths: 1.7

Avg. Assists: 5.1

CS per Minute: 9.6


Matches Played: 441

Win Rate: 63%

KDA: 4.8

Avg. Kills: 4.1

Avg. Deaths: 2.0

Avg. Assists: 5.2

CS per Minute: 9.3


Matches Played: 497

Win Rate: 61.4%

KDA: 5.9

Avg. Kills: 3.4

Avg. Deaths: 1.4

Avg. Assists: 4.9

CS per Minute: 9.5


Matches Played: 317

Win Rate: 61.8%

KDA: 4.6

Avg. Kills: 0.7

Avg. Deaths: 2.0

Avg. Assists: 8.6

CS per Minute: 1.1


Matches Played: 371

Win Rate: 62.8%

KDA: 4.5

Avg. Kills: 0.7

Avg. Deaths: 1.7

Avg. Assists: 7.1

CS per Minute: 1.4


Matches Played: 152

Win Rate: 56.6%

KDA: 4.1

Avg. Kills: 0.8

Avg. Deaths: 2.2

Avg. Assists: 8.4

CS per Minute: 1.3