Be Part of DraftBuff’s Content: Introducing the LoL Global Power Rankings Powered by our Community!

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Hello everyone! With the Summer underway across League of Legends, Call of Duty and Overwatch (and Rainbow Six soon!), we can come back to talk on some plans we have for the next months.

At DraftBuff, we don’t want to only provide you with a platform for you to play fantasy with the friends and the community: we want for you to be part of what we are doing as well.

And that includes having an active voice on content we will be creating from now on!

It is my pleasure to introduce our pilot plan to achieve that goal, in form of participating in our weekly Power Rankings for League of Legends – if you are a fan of other games, don’t worry, those will be following shortly soon!

We will be writing weekly rankings, analyzing which teams are currently the best in the world, but besides our own list, the community will have the chance to give their opinion and vote on which teams they think should be at the top of the Community Rankings!

To be released every Wednesday, the DraftBuff LoL Global Power Rankings will display both rankings, and you can VOTE WITH THIS LINK!

As a note, for subsequent weeks, the link to the poll will ONLY be shared on Discord, so make sure to join our server!

Everything we are working on is for you and we want, more than ever, to make you feel part of this project. Have fun ranking!