SlasheR. Kenny. f3rocitys. Octane. Enable.
With Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag assembling this new squad with his new Call of Duty franchise, he had high expectations. On paper, these five names sound like a powerhouse not to be messed with at any tournament. And then they saw their hopes get crushed, losing 3-1 to Luminosity in the Loser’s bracket, and placing top 12 at Las Vegas.

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Things did turn around in the Pro League Qualifier though, as 100 Thieves was able to secure a placement in the Pro League. Even though they qualified, there was a big elephant in the room or I guess you could say a small one. The problem with 100 Thieves was Kenny’s situation of wanting to run the Maddox instead of the Saug. With this game relying on a meta of two Saugs, two Maddox’s, and one ICR, this left f3rocitys on the outside looking in. Kenny was arguably the best submachine gun player in WWII in an MVP season, but his struggles with Saug made him want to switch to the Maddox.

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With problems, come the need for change and this one it needed to happen. In my opinion, was dropping F3R0 the right move for 100T? I would have to say no personally, I think the smarter move here would have been to have dropped Octane. f3rocitys has been performing well and there is no reason he should have lost his role, because of Kenny’s inability to run a Saug. At the end of the day though, Kenny is one of the most talented players in this game. With the possibility of franchising coming in the near future it is very possible he could be a Scump, attach, or any other big name sub to become a cornerstone of an organization.

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What does this mean for 100 Thieves future? It’s all up from here: you can’t really under perform more than you did at Las Vegas. This team got loaned a terrific player with Priestah who can pretty much play any role for this team. For those that missed it, at the pro league qualifier he switched roles mid event and still was playing great for FaZe. So if Kenny after a patch gets a feel for the Saug, Priestah can always switch to the Maddox. I think Priestah can solidify this team and also bring some good vibes. The greatest addition to 100 Thieves though is Replays. Replays coming into this coaching role gives this whole team an unbiased voice to listen to. Enable had been trying to play the middle man for all these players and lead this team, but with Replays’ game knowledge over multiple games and ability to grow talent of players, he will lead this team to success. My prediction for Dallas Fort Worth is Top 6. It’s not the championship, but this team still has work to do and needs to mesh more.

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